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Installing News Flash Light:


Open the ZIP.


The path to the Perl that is used in the scripts is: #!/usr/local/bin/perl.

If this is not the path to Perl on your web server, you need to open all the Perl scripts and change this line.


Place all the files in your cgi-bin directory.


Unix users: chmod 755 all the files. chmod 777 news.txt file.


That's all.

The path to the news page (for your visitors to read) is <your_url>/cgi-bin/
The path to the News Flash Manager is <your_url>/cgi-bin/

Installing News Flash Pro:


Installation is the same, except for security setup.

News Flash Pro enables you to protect all your News Flash Manager Perl scripts using password (for more details refer to Functionality page).

Before uploading your scripts, open each and every one of them and change this line with a password of your choice. Make sure that you use the same password for all the scripts:


# Set the password

$pas = "administrator";