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The News Flash is divided into 2 parts:

  • The News & Events page
  • The set of HTML pages and scripts used by the administrator, to manage the News & Events page. It is called News Flash Manager (the control panel)

Your visitors will have access only to the News & Events page, it is a "read only" page and they cannot edit your posts.

The demo News & Events page is included in the download and you can use it on your site. If you know your way around HTML, you can configure this page to have the "look and feel" of your website (please refer to the Advanced Info page for details).

The News Flash Manager is what you, as the web site administrator, use to edit the News & Events page.

All the Perl scripts that manage your News & Events page are protected by a password of your choice.

The News Flash Manager allows you maximum flexibility for maintaining your entries. You can move, remove, edit, lock, hide, and archive posts. (please refer to the Functionality page for details).

All the posts are written to a database. The database is actually a simple text file that is used for keeping your posts. All you need to run News Flash is Perl installation on your server (no database of any kind is required).