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In this page you can learn all about the functionality and commands available in the News Flash Manager.


New Post


At the top of the News Flash Manager, you can find the the hyperlink "Add a New Entry".

Click this hyperlink to add a new post to your News & Events page.

For each new post you will be asked to fill a title and a description text boxes.

You can use HTML tags in your posts. Several common HTML tags are available in a form of buttons. You can use them or any other tags that you wish.


Edit Edit


Use this button to edit your posts. In the edit screen you can find 2 buttons: "Preview" and "Submit".

By using the "Submit" button, your changes to the post will be written to the database.

Use the "Preview" button to check how will the post be seen by your visitors. You can use the preview as many times as you wish until you get the results you want, then you can submit your changes.


Up Down Up/Down


Use this set of buttons to change the order of your posts as seen by your visitors.  


Copy Copy


Use this button to duplicate a post. Once you click this button you will be displayed with the "Copy" page. This page is the same as the page that you get when you add a new entry, but here you get the title and description fields filled with the data of the copied post. Make any changes that you want and submit the post. 


Delete Delete


Use this button to remove a post. Since removing of a post cannot be reversed, you will be prompt with a verification screen. There you will be asked if you are sure regarding the removal of the post.


The following commands and functionality are available only in the News Flash Pro version.





All the Perl scripts provided with News Flash Pro are password protected. The first thing you should do after getting the News Flash Pro, is setting the password.

Once you try to run one of the scripts you will be asked for the password. If you provide the correct password you will be taken to the News Flash Manager, and a cookie with your password will be saved on your PC local drive, so you will not have to provide it in your future visits. It is important that you enable your cookies or else you will not be able to work with the News Flash Manager.


Archive Restore Archive/Restore


You may wish to keep old posts and let your visitors read them. For that purpose, you can use the Archive and Restore set of buttons.

When a post is in archived status you will see the Restore button. Click it to restore your post. The post then, will display the Archive button.

Once you archive a post your visitors will have to click the hyperlink "View archived posts" in order to read them.

When the page with the archived posts open, the hyperlink changes to "View active posts". 


Archive Restore Show/Hide


Using the Hide button you can hide posts from your visitors.

When a post is hidden, it will display the Show button (the button without the red cross on it) and vice versa.

Unlike archived posts, your visitors cannot see hidden posts.


Archive Restore Lock on Top/Release


Using the Lock (on top) button you can make sure that a post will be always displayed "on top". You can lock as many posts as you like.

When a post is locked, it will display the button with the red cross on it.

There are several limitations when working with locked posts. These limitation were set to ensure that locked posts will be always displayed on top.

You cannot move a released post to be displayed on top of a locked post. If you try this, an error message will be displayed.

Nor  you can move a locked post to be displayed below a released post.

If you create a new post and locked posts exist, the new post will be added after the last locked post.

The same goes for duplicating a post.

You can try these features in the demo, to get the hang of it.