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The News Flash is divided into 2 parts:

  • The News & Events page
  • The set of HTML pages and scripts used by the administrator, to manage the News & Events page. It is called News Flash Manager (the control panel)

Your visitors will have access only to the News & Events page, it is a "read only" page and they cannot edit your posts. Click here to get to the News & Events demo page (opens in new window).

The News & Events demo page is included in the ZIP file, whether you download the News Flash Light or order News Flash Pro, and you can use it on your site. If you know your way around HTML, you can configure this page to have the "look and feel" of your website.

For more details regarding HTML customization, please refer to Advanced Info page.

The News Flash Manager (control panel) is what you use to edit the News & Events page. Click here to access the News Flash Manager demo (opens in new window), where you can test the application and make changes to the News & Events demo page.

All the scripts are passowrd protected, so when you are prompt for a password, use "administrator".

Keep the News & Events demo page open and refresh it to see the results of the changes you did using the News Flash Manager. Anyway, the News Flash Manager also displays all the posts and it refreshes automatically with every change you make.

The available demo is of the News Flash Pro and it contains features that are not included in the News Flash Light. To learn about the differences between them, please refer to the About page.