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If you are familiar with HTML you will probably want to get a bit more from News Flash application.

The zipped download includes a default template for the news page, that can be used as is in your web site, but  there are some additional templates for you to choose from (news_template1.htm, news_template2.htm, etc.)

It is very simple to switch between the different templates. Simply, rename them to news_template.htm to see how they look like in run time. You do not need to do any HTML or Perl script changes for that.

Also, you may want to create your own template so that the news page will look exactly as your other pages on your site.

You can find at the bottom of this page the necessary HTML code that must appear in your template. This code segment is repeated by the Perl script for each entry (post) found and this is how the entire table is created.

Open one of the provided templates (in a text editor) to see how the below code appears in it. Be careful with changes you make to this code segment, if you mess too much with it, you will get funny results. But experienced HTML writers should have no real problem. What ever you do, do not delete the comment lines "loop-start" and "loop-end".

Please refer to the Support page for more help.


<table border="0" width="500">


  <td width="547" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">