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About News Flash


News Flash is an easy to use application for maintaining a News & Event page on your site, with the possibility of not knowing HTML at all. The News Flash Manager (the control panel) allows you fast access and maximum flexibility.

News Flash is a Perl driven application which includes the following features:

  • Adding new posts.
  • Editing existing posts.
  • Removing old posts.
  • Copy (duplicate) a post .
  • Preview of a post before submitting it to see how it will look when visitors read it.
  • HTML tags are allowed. Some common HTML tags are built in the application.
  • Changing the order of posts is possible with a single mouse click.
  • Password protection: all the scripts are protected using password and cookies (available only in News Flash Pro).
  • Allow your visitors to read archived posts using the Archive/Restore mechanism (available only in News Flash Pro).
  • It is possible to temporarily hide posts that you don't want your visitors to read (available only in News Flash Pro).
  • Lock posts ("always on top") that you want always to appear first (available only in News Flash Pro).

If you already want to test the demo, use the following links, but it is recommended that you first read the Demo page.

Click here to access the News & Events demo page (opens in new window).

Click here to access the News Flash Manager (control panel) demo (opens in new window). The News Flash Manager is protected by a password, use "administrator" to get in.

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